3D Decks for Everyone

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A complete interior design and personalization suite.

3D Decks for Everyone offers you the chance to design, furnish and decorate your own rooms easily. It is a very comfortable interior design application, as you can start from an already predefined basic design and modify it, adding or deleting elements until you get what you want.

The designs are very precise and detailed. All of them are done to scale, and can be personalized with all types of furniture already drawn and ready to be placed where you like. This is very useful, for example, if you want to buy a house and need to furnish an empty room. You can try out all types of furniture, sizes and positions.

The main features of 3D Decks for Everyone:

* 3D Deck Assistant: choose among 30 of the most popular designs to use in your own house. Later, add or remove elements using a variety of editing tools.

* Automatic designs: just insert the measurements of height, width and depth of your furniture, and the program will generate them automatically and instantly.

* 2D designs: create any shape and style for your room. Modify the dimensions and specifications instantly thanks to the modification box, and choose which type of line you want to use for the drawings.

* Check all the angles: see your design from different perspectives, sides and angles.

* Personalize your design: drag any pre-drawn object and place it where you like.


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